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  1. Is there a new diet aid?
  2. New diet... face is flush?
  3. Has anyone tried this new diet device that is out?
  4. New Not really diet but weight loss plan?
  5. does hoodia diet pills contain any type of steriods?
  6. anyone try that new alli diet pill??
  7. New rules for dieting?
  8. Is a Vegan Diet Healthy? What type of foods/supplements should I take along with it.?
  9. When you try a new diet do you make one up or follow some plan out of a book?
  10. New diet plan...Can I still lose fat?
  11. What type of diet do they put a person on when they need to lose weight to...
  12. The new "Mayo" diet?
  13. my new diet plan!?
  14. have any of you woman tried the new NV diet pill ? hows it working?
  15. Whats a new fad diet that works!? I want a new diet to follow thats not unrealistic.?
  16. My new diet plan?
  17. Does anyone know about that new Alli diet spills?
  18. What type of diet and exercise routine is the best to burn the most fat?
  19. what is the song in the new diet coke ad?
  20. Bible based diet-is this the newest thing?
  21. What does everyone think of the new faith-based diet plan?
  22. i am starting healthier new diet, should i get colonics?
  23. For the ppl that take the diet pill alli? what type of foods do you eat?
  24. ok new diet... safe??
  25. dose anyone know anything about the new diet pill by fiber one?
  26. NEW DIET. So.. how long until I lose weight?
  27. what type of diet a person should have if his uric acid is increased?
  28. Help with my new diet!?
  29. The new diet pill alli?
  30. what type of diet is healthier for a 16 year old?
  31. The new diet drug Alli has been out for a while now. How is it working for you?
  32. Can I take the new diet drug Alli with the phentermine I'm already on?
  33. New to the world of exercises and diet ... please help.?
  34. Has anyone pooped their pants taking Alli, the new diet pill?
  35. has anyone tried the new diet pill allie?
  36. anybody having any luck with alli?? the new diet pill?
  37. New Diet for football?
  38. New Diet for Football?
  39. i'm going on a new diet need help from the experts?
  40. New Diet for Football?
  41. has anyone tried the new diet drug alli?
  42. I am starting a new diet and want a precise scale, what brand should I buy?
  43. is the new ALLI diet pill only for WOMEN?
  44. New diet - is playing havoc with my bowels - why?
  45. What do you think of my new diet plan?
  46. WHat type of diet should you have for a person who has had a right stroke the
  47. Anyone who is using the new Diet Aid Alli...what are your results?
  48. What is an example of a diet for a type 2 diabetic?
  49. what type of diets can i go on for abs ?