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    Default Can anyone tell me about any stomach excercises that wont hurt or affect my bad back?

    After hurting my back I have had to avoid sit ups / crunches and also any bend and twist excercises, and so I am pretty much unable to excercise my stomach.
    Does anyone know of any stomach excercises that can be done without having any adverse affect on the back, and lower back in particular?

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    Breathing - When You Breath ?Out Make Your Belly goIn & When You Breath In Make It Go Out - Opposites

    I had to do this in GYMNASTICS - Very Good &Wnt Hurt Bad Back

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    I have back and hip problems also, and was told to do the following.

    Using a fitness ball, lie on the floor and put your ankles / feet on the ball then raise your body and lock it so you are in a straight line from shoulders to feet. (almost a diagonal line). As the ball moves slightly you have to tense your core muscles to hold steady.

    This really works for me.

    Good luck x

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