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Thread: Basic excercises to get ready for Track season?

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    Default Basic excercises to get ready for Track season?

    Any type of tips would help... really need to get in shape

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    yep running and also squats and lunges to build strengths and endurance in your legs.

    all professional track and field runners do weights not to build muscle but to build strenght.

    lunges mimick the motion of running the most and WILL help get you into shape

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    As Salaamu Alaykum,

    I suggest that if you are not in shaped to start slow by walking and working your way up to runinng. Make sure that you eat healthy. And workout regularly if not everyday.
    BTW I love to run!

    Hope I helped

    Ma'a Salaamah

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    It works to swim a lot like an hour a day. Also go jogging if you are distance or practice sprinting if you are a sprinter. Don't forget to eat healthy and stretch before exercising.

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