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Thread: My outer vaginal lips sag. What can I do besides surgery and kegal excercises?

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    Default My outer vaginal lips sag. What can I do besides surgery and kegal excercises?

    And this looks very unattractive when I go completely bald. Sometimes i try to camoflauge it by sticking my butt out some so that whomever I'm intimate with can't tell, but this is very frustrating to me. I don't know when or how this really happened because I never went completely bald until after college and when I finally took all the hair off, to my surprise I discovered I had sagging vaginal lips. ;c I did lose an excessive amount of weight which may be the cause. (Down to 128) WITH SURGERY EXCLUDED, what can I do in the meantime? Please, I really need help with this and its hard for me to to be confident about my body b/c of this because this just looks so ugly to me.....

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    I would say LOVE YOURSELF BABE
    But if it really is unbearable for you i'm not opposed to surgery , but i would still say its normal and anyone who loves you should love you for you and if they don't like it they can s*d off!!!

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    Nothing... there is nothing you can do. Kegal exercises don't help the lips at all so I don't know where you got that from. Since you don't want surgery, stop looking down there. Learn to love yourself and your weight loss accomplishments.

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    baby, you are perfect. Don't worry about it. Every woman is different and no two women look alike. Kegel excersizes will do nothing to help the look of your vagina, they strengthen the interior muscles. There isn't really anything else to be done if you do not want surgery. I'm not sure how old oyu are, but one day you will learn to love your body, flaws and all, and just accept yourself. I'm 23 and I just finally became comfortable with my body. All fo it. No one is perfect. Besides, beauty is in the eye of hte beholder. You are beautiful!! Just remember that. If a man loves you, respects you, cares about you...he will do it unconditionally. The shape or size of your labia are not important. Reread that. How silly is that? Relax!! Don't be so critical. Even super skinny girls can have big labia, saggy labia, etc. Love yourself!!

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    I went through this phase awhile ago.I don't know if you have kids or not but I have had 2 & my lips hang down about 2 inches long(1 for each kid I guess haha).There is no solution other than surgery so you might as well get used to the way you look & if it helps any I am a stripper & most of the guys tell me they actually love the kind that are bigger than usual & my b/f does'nt seem to mind it any so save your worrying for something more important. : )

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    Your silly! Everyone has vaginal lips that sag.
    My sister delivered a breech baby in 1984 and it nearly killed her and ripped her vagina and labia up pretty bad. About 2 yrs ago, she went to a surgeon and he cosmetically fixed her labia so it was not messed up. It hurt like crazy, and she ended up gettin a small infection and had to take a weeks antibiotic, but she is very satisfied.
    Im sorry, surgery is about the only thing you can do.

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