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Thread: Does anybody know much about CSNN - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition?

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    Default Does anybody know much about CSNN - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition?

    My wife might light to undertake a course there.
    Is it widely recognised?
    Is it bogus?
    Does it lead to work?
    Anything at all would be good.

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    Hi, this is totally understandable. I also want to attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and have been searching the net, like you, for answers weather or not this school is credible. So I found one website today so far with some nutrition consultants that claim they have taken their courses at CNN. Here is the link. Choices Markets - BC's Grocery Leader in Gourmet and Organic Foods [Nutrition]
    I hope this helps a little.
    I will try to keep you updated if I find anything else. Oh and a few days ago i found a few websites belonging to certain health and wellness centers, and a few of them had staff that graduated from CNN as well.



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    Here are a bunch more links... I must tell you after finding all of this information about graduates from CNN. I am convinced.
    I think your wife has to be pasionate about holistic nutrition and want a career as a consultant. If so, Id tell her to go for it. I am!

    Insight Nutrition :: Biography

    Therapeutic Approach Health Centre: Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Natural Food Pantry - Hands on Health

    Nancy Crites :: Nutrition and Health Consultant

    Vitamins For Her | Toronto Canada alternative health natural medicine green living

    Posi+ive Lifestyles Nutrition + Wellness

    Marketing Solutions For Nutritionists

    Optimum Wellness Clinic

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