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Thread: Hydroxycut Advanced-the new formula since the recall. Does it work???

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    Default Hydroxycut Advanced-the new formula since the recall. Does it work???

    Hi. I bought Hydroxycut Advanced 2 days ago, after buying it I had some people tell me that all Hydroxycut products had been recalled a few months back. They were taken down from shelves and a few months later they came out with this new formula (the one I bought) I read alot of reviews over the last 2 days and everyone seems to have good results with the old formula. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this new Advanced formula and if it works as good as the old one? They have changed almost all the ingredients so I'm just curious of how it can work the same. I have them now and am taking them so I guess I'll find out if they work but it would be great to hear it from someone else also...Thanks

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    Hi! i bought 2 days ago, like you i did a research after buying... i feel terrible, nauseas, i coudn't sleep, no energy at all, not hungry (not bad) but i felt like i was so sick,my husband was almost taking me to the Hospital, i didn't tell him about this Hydroxycut... he will be so upset, he would kill me!

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    The nausea that you are experiencing is actually the effect of caffeine on the pill for stimulant. Some testimonials from other consumers are also not good. The pill makes them lose weight for a couple of days and then they gain them all back, even more. Some also experience anxiety and depression which they did not feel before taking the pills.

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    I heard that it really does work but you really have to suffer lots of side effects like nausea, dizziness, and tremors because of too much caffeine content so it may not be the right weight loss pill for you. If you have adverse reactions to caffeine it may have a negative effect on sleeping if taken in the evenings due to its caffeine content.

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    I drink a lot of coffee... but anyways.. now I'm on diet and I lost 5 pounds in a week. this diet is not bad at all, my friend lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks... if really works for me, i will let you know guys. thank you so much for all info, I think I can't really take any pills, I do need exercise and cut all sugars, coffee? and my adorable portuguese bread...

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    I am so glad to hear that josi! Too much caffeine can really cost a lot in your body especially on the hydroxycut pills. The pill contains lesser caffeine than in a cup of coffee but if you take a few pills at one time, your caffeine intake will be more than what your body can handle. I think drinking coffee is different because it is diluted in water so the effect is not that strong. Dieting and exercising is better and a healthier choice. You will feel better and more happy with your achievement. Give us more info about your diet if it's really good so other members may also learn from you
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    That is so nice to hear josi. Yeah I think you can cut down on your sugar and coffee intake, exercise more, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and the drink 8-10 glasses of water. All these will make you healthier and help you lose weight.

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    Default Choosing a safe and healthy weight loss product

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    Have you tried using this weight loss product? Did you notice any side effects? It just sounds too good to be true and for sure many of us here would like to know more about this revolutionary weight loss product

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    Last May 2009, FDA issued a warning to all consumers to stop using hydroxycut and the manufacturers ordered the recall of all hydroxycut products. All of these started when FDA received 23 reports that hydroxycut users experienced liver-related problems and one of them resulted to death.

    After the recall, the manufacturers "reformulated" the supplement and called it Hydroxycut Advanced, which contains safer ingredients than the original.

    When I learned all of these, I was discouraged to even try this product. They claim that the new product is safer now but I'm not willing to take that risk.

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