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Thread: Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

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    Default Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

    I can still express milk after a warm shower. Is it possible to increase my supply again to supplement formula, and is it safe/healthy for my baby?

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    Default Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

    if you can still produce milk then go for it. maybe start expressing a couple of times a day to boost production first.

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    Default Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

    i imaging if you started using a pump u could but why would you want to ?

    nursing has its benefits for the first couple months but you quit and thats ok. formula never hurt anybody.
    at this point your kid is probably doin ok so i dont think its a good idea

    but if you really want to more power to u

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    Default Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

    Yes and Yes.

    That was the short answer.

    Here's the long answer: Yes, you can increase your supply. The best way would be to get your baby to nursing. I don't know how old your baby is, and how well s/he will take to nursing after bottle-feeding. But, you can certainly try.

    If baby absolutely won't take to the breast after such a long time, you can always pump and bottle feed. You can try to use the pumped milk in a supplemental nursing system to try to "lure" baby back to the breast (the main reason baby's "take" to bottle-feeding is it's easier to get the milk - babies have to work a little harder to breastfeed). You may be able to get your baby to nurse again. This would be best for increasing your supply. If you can get baby to nurse again, I would definitely nurse like s/he is a newborn - pretty much around the clock to help increase your supply, including comfort nursing ('re the human pacifier ;-)

    If you positively can't get baby to nurse, you can definitely pump. It is absolutely safe and healthy for baby. Any amount of breastmilk in place of formula is great. Plus, your baby will be getting antibodies and other goodies that s/he simply can't get from formula.

    Things you can do to increase your supply beyond nursing and pumping include taking fenugreek (an herb), drinking mother's milk tea, taking blessed thistle (another herb), eating lots of oatmeal (regular, not instant), and, if you want, getting domperidone (you can order it from Canada w/o a prescription).

    Good luck! I have tubular breasts, so, I've had to work really hard at maintaining a supply for my daughter. We did have to supplement at times, but she's been getting Mama Milk for 20+ months now.

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    Default Can I start breast feeding after after stopping 4 months?

    I stopped BF over 2 months ago and I just started to nurse again tonite!!!! SO yeah I'm sure you can if you have a pump start with the baby nursing for as long as they will stay (even though there is no milk) this will stimulate things to get you going! Remeber breastmilk is 80% water so make sure you have had enough water too!!! When your baby is done have some water then pump for about 20 min. 10 on each side when you pump the milk will be kinda thick like lotion and it will not flow out it will just be like a thick lotion or cream you need to keep pumping that out that is dried milk that has to be cleared out of the ducts before milk can get out! After pumping take a brake have a little more water then in about 2 more hours nurse for as long as baby will take it BUT since nothing comes out baby will not bother for long that's okay. Then pump try for 30 min. this time 15 on each side have water and repeat if you can "power pump" ( pump 30 stop 30 and so on) while nursing as often as baby will allow you should be able to get enough flow to resume part time (depending on the age of baby) nursing depending on how willing baby is and how often you can work at it you can get a good flow back in as little as a 5-7 days! As youu know with breast milk the more u use the more u make so if you get fill and empty the breast often you can get a good flow back sooner!!! I'm kinda in the same boat but I'm still working at it the fact that I have results in just 9 hours is wonderful news for all mom out there who wanna give nursing another shot! There is hope hang in there figure the time it took for you to decrease ur supply it will take about that long to build it back up but it can be done!!!!Good luck

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