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Thread: Does vitamin e oil give you acne??

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    Default Does vitamin e oil give you acne??

    Well i have some marks from past acne/peeled scabs...i was told i should put vitamain e oil on the marks...does this stuff give you acne? since it is oil

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    nope! i've used it and it heals scars and doesn't make you break out. it's put in a lot of ointments, lotions, etc. its good for your skin don't worry.

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    It depends actually. I have oily skin and I breakout when I use vitamin e oil. My skin likes vitamin e skin care products but not the pure vitamin e oil. People with oily and sensitive skin reacts differently so be careful. If you want you can test a small part of your skin and if it reacts. Make sure though that cleanse and tone your skin before you apply them on. I hope this helps
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    My mom uses vitamin e oil on her face and it works great on her skin. She doesn't breakout at all. In fact it made her skin look younger and clearer

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    Some vitamin e works great and some don't. Choose one that is manufactured by a trusted pharmaceutical company because normally they make high quality supplements. Have you heard about shark's oil? It's also in gel capsule and you can use it in your face. It has a strong scent but it works better than vitamin e oil.

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    I haven't tried those yet. But what I do if I have acne is I apply vaseline on the almost dried pimple. I have been doing this for a long time and it actually doesn't leave any acne trace on my face. You can try that too and see if you're okay with it. The vaseline smoothens the the skin around the pimple and it helps to leave a mark. I don't suggest any other creams because some of them contain ingredients that can cause chemical reaction and make the problem worse. Unlike with vaseline, it does not contain added color or scent so it is safe on the skin

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    Default Baby Quasar - Which one to get for acne?

    I not long ago turned Twenty-eight and had terrific skin all my life. It has been been 3 months my cheeks are plastered with pimples (well i am talking about the types that truly have not anything inside them) and I do have a small amount of blackheads on my chin and forehead, nevertheless, I ordinarily have one or two of these before menstruation so its not that big of an trouble.The acne on my cheeks are not reddish colored but they are demoralizing me alot regardless of people not even noticing them. My doctor said it's minimal acne and recommended differin which gave me a full-blown dermatitis so i quit. Another doctor who treated my dermatitis could not see what was going on because of it and was sceptical about it being acne then. I read on the forum that people are having some good results using that baby quasar product... I`m wondering should I try it , and if so , which baby quasar will work well for acne. Open to any advice Jan
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    I use cosmetics that are tested by dermatologist and do not clog pores. Choose products that are made typically for your skin type to avoid complications and irritations. I cannot use oils on my face because it will break me out and I have to buy expensive medications to treat my acne. What I do to avoid them is I regularly clean, tone, and moisturize my skin to ensure that I maintain it's cleanliness. I get occasional bumps but proactiv does a great job in eliminating them after a day of two.
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    I don't get pimples that often because I clean my face only with plain water more than 5 times a day. I only use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice a day to keep the natural oil of my skin. I have heard that vitamin E oil is good on the skin too but sometimes they don't act very good on the skin, expecially if you have oily skin.

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    Just an added note that acne is caused by stress and hormones which leads to overproduction of oil in our skin. I've read that vitamin e oil help lighten acne scars but it didn't mention anything about causing more acne on your skin.
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